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Register your school/foundation today and start receiving donations on behalf of your donors, alumni and parents of current students!

Welcome to!  Our new and innovative funding platform allows foundations and schools to raise tens of thousands of dollars each year!  

Are bake sales and car washes just not cutting it?  Are your teachers spending their money on school supplies for students because the school can’t afford these basic necessities?  

Educational Foundations continue to face the difficult task of finding new and innovative ways to raise the funds necessary to fill the gap being created by shrinking school budgets and increasing costs. works directly with Schools and Educational Foundations to fill this gap and provide the critical funding necessary.


Register your school today and start receiving donations on behalf of your alumni and parents of current students!


Benefits of joining

  • Earn multiple monthly unrestricted donations for your school!
  • Average unrestricted donation size is $5,625
  • No contracts or payments required to get started!
  • Who can use us? Anyone or business looking for a commercial loan

How does work?

  • We help parents of students, school alumni or anyone else finance or re-finance their commercial real estate (CRE) or business loans
  • When a parent or alumni places their loan request through, our member banks compete for the opportunity to provide the requested financing
  • Once a loan is completed, invoices the winning bank, and the school receives a check for 75% of our gross revenue from the bank.

How does a school foundation benefit from

  • The local school foundation can receive a percentage of the donation from every transaction.
  • Get registered with (2 minutes or we can do this for schools)
  • Recurring revenue source
  • Easy to implement, we do most of the work and provide suggestions for email campaigns to send!

Registering is easy and takes less than 2 minutes!

Based on real-world feedback, we built the platform to be the simplest and most effective large dollar school fundraising solution available. But we are not stopping there. We continue to improve our platform so schools have more tools to make their fundraising campaigns even more successful.