School Donation Multiplier Effect

What makes School Hero unique is our donation multiplier effect.  We’re able to double the amount of money given to a school of your choice through simple math. How does this work? Read the example below.

School Hero can turn $45.45 per month into an immediate donation of $5,625 for a school!

All you have to do is get your next commercial loan using the School Hero platform.

Wait this can’t be true…How is this done?  Answer: Simple math.  

Let’s go through the steps and show you how this works:

  • A borrower obtains their commercial real estate loan through a bank of their choice on School Hero’s platform.  
  • The bank will pay School Hero’s fee of 0.75% of the loan amount.  
  • So for example, on a $1M loan, School Hero’s fee is $7,500.
  • School Hero takes that fee from a bank and pays out a school of the borrower’s choice, $5,625 (75% of our fee).

Result: the borrower and bank are recognized for the donation of $5,625 to a school (elementary, middle school, high school or college).

Here’s the magic of School Hero:

A typical commercial loan may have a repayment schedule of 5 years with a 20 year amortization.   Meaning that the loan comes due in 5 years but the loan payment amount is calculated on a 20 year schedule.  

For example:  A $1 million dollar loan may have a 4% rate, 5 year term, and 20 year amortization period. That would equate to a monthly payment of $6,059.80.  

By donating to a school using the School Hero platform, and assuming the buyer is financing the entire lender fee amount (the lender may choose to absorb some of this fee and not pass it through), the monthly payment would be $6,105.25, a difference of $45.45 per month or $545.40 per year.  Over the 5 year term that equals a total out of pocket cost for the donor of $2,727.

In this example the school of the borrower’s choice would receive an immediate lump sum unrestricted donation of $5,625!

In other words the donation from the business borrower is doubled and the borrower gets to finance (and deduct) the donation over a 5 years term.

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