Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use SchoolHero.org?

Any person or business looking for a commercial real estate loan and/or equipment financing.

What qualifies as a commercial loan?

The following types of loans qualify as commercial or business:

Multifamily | Office | Industrial | Retail | Hotel | Single Family Residence for Rental | Senior Housing | Sport Related | Houses of Worship | Automotive | Mixed Use | Special Purpose | Construction | Construction to Permanent | SBA | Equipment Financing | Business

Your banker will make the final determination.

Do you really give 75% of your revenue to a school of my choice?

Yes! We charge banks 75 basis points (3/4%) and donate 56.25 basis points to a school of your choice courtesy of the borrower and lender.  For example, a loan of $1M would yield a donation in the amount of $5,625 to a school of the borrower’s choice when a loan is funded through one of our participating lenders.

Why are you donating so much to a school? Don't most private companies typically donate 5-10% of revenues?

The founders have been fortunate in their business careers and are passionate about giving back to schools and helping borrowers/banks help their local communities.

Which banks do you work with in Colorado?

We work with local community banks, credit unions, regional banks, private money and bridge lenders.

How do I use your service?

Just enter in some basic information about the type of commercial real estate loan you are looking for.  Certain banks will appear and all you have to do is select which banks you would like to contact.  Our bankers will do their best to contact you within an hour of receipt of your information (during normal business hours).

Is there a fee to use your service?

How does SchoolHero.org make money?

We charge the lenders on our service a flat fee if they close a loan through our platform.

Is any sensitive info transmitted online?

Am I charged any fees by SchoolHero.org?

How many lenders are going to call/email me?

As many as you select.  You have the option of which lenders you want to contact you, what time they contact you, and how much information your initially provide. Of course to make a commercial loan decision, the lenders will require additional information that you would normally provide to any commercial lender.

What sizes of Commercial Real Estate loans do you work with?

We typically work with loan sizes from $200,000 to $10 Million. We do higher and lower loan amounts on a case by case basis.

What type of Commercial Real Estate loans do you work with?

Multifamily | Office | Industrial | Retail | Land | Agriculture | Hotel | SFR for Investment | Senior Housing | Health Care | Sport Related | Houses of Worship | Automotive | Water | Mixed Use | Special Purpose | Construction | Construction to Permanent | SBA | Equipment Financing

How fast can a Commercial Real Estate loan close?

Can you work with 1031 clients?

Yes, when you need a fast loan commitment and loan closing, our lenders can help.