About Us

The three principles that shape our fundraising donation strategy

  1. Create partnerships with schools and with banks who support their local schools and communities.
  2. Understand, promote and advocate for school funding
  3. Encourage schools to be proactive and connected with their students and alumni


Schoolhero.org is the way for students, parents, alumni, schools and foundations to benefit from commercial real estate financing that occurs in every community every day.

The funds we can help you raise will not only fill budgetary gaps but our belief is that, through the Schoolhero.org platform, we can help you create a surplus education fund to help further enrich the student experience.

The founders of SchoolHero.org have been fortunate enough to realize that giving back to schools and helping students is vital for every community. We have a strong belief in the value of education for all students and strive to give back to schools in a financially meaningful way, while helping the borrowers, banks, and schools involved.


Mailing Address:

6343 W 120th Ave
Suite 110
Broomfield, CO 80020
E: info@schoolhero.org